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adress: ul. Dietla 93
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All beginner’s groups are open for new members. Feel free to join any of them. In order to join our other groups, please contact the instructor (see contact section)

No need to worry if you ain't got your own drum. We have plenty of instruments on place.

The workshops give you introduction into West African percussive music traditons especially playing djembe and dundun drums (see the photo below). Not only will we have a good time learning and playing but we will also get some understanding of social backgrounds of this music.

During the beginners classes we learn basic djembe skills and some elementary rhythms as well as band arrangements identified with them

Beginners classes course content:

  • articulation - learning to express basic djembe tones,
  • recognizing some popular West African rhythms: balakulania, diansa, soli and more (depends on the group's choice and progress), playing basic band arrangements identified with these rhythms,
  • understanding the rhythms notation - introduction to microtiming,
  • exercises concerning tempo, rhythm, improving personal musical skills, 
  • What to play at the drum circles?
  • documentary movies about djembe music,
  • theoretical knowledge concerning djembe music, its evolution and social background

The intermediate classes focus both on developing skills regarding familiar rhythms (solo djembe phrases, modified dundun phrases, more complex band arrangements) and studying new ones adjusted to group's progress (e.g. madan, mendiani, soko, maraka). Moreover there will be plenty of exercises improving articulation and tempo,  practicing microtiming in solo phrases of the soli rhythm and many other interesting things provided by the instructor ;)


Grzegorz Dziankowski

Majored in psychology he found etnopercussion as his real life fascination. He has been exploring the West African drum music since 2005. In 2007 and 2008 he travelled to Mali - the birthplace of djembe music. There he has found his teachers, (two of them - Makan Kone and Lassine Dante - can be seen in the section 'media'). He also took part in various workshops conducted by African musicians in Poland and Europe.
He performed with a number of music bands, few of which were Yankadi and Papadram (Wroclaw) and Inike (Cracow). Moreover, plenty of times he provided live drum music during african dance courses.  

Photo: Instructor with one of his mentors, Bamako, Mali, 2007.